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tj pit bull terrierTJ is a 7 year old American Pit Bull Terrier and a big doofus!  He has no clue how big he really is.  He thinks he's a lap dog and prefers to sleep under the covers on the bed.  He walks well on a leash, enjoys car rides, playing with toys and snuggling.  TJ's a big mush who just wants attention.

Up-to-date on rabies shot.  Neutered. Crate-trained. Housebroken. Knows basic commands. 


Here in this House
A dog's heartfelt thanks
for finding his forever home.
The Art of Matchmaking
A chat with Terry Ingle
about K9 Matchmaker on
Care Free Canine's
blog talk radio program
Recorded March 9, 2013
We're here to help!  Our trained and experienced volunteer staff will do all the legwork required to match a dog to its forever home, and our dog-to-family matching service is FREE*

Are you an INDIVIDUAL who's looking for a new addition to your family
, but having trouble finding that right dog who will be the perfect fit? Would you rather not have to visit a shelter or rescue because you hate seeing all those sad faces? We'll contact local rescues and evaluate potential dogs to find your perfect new companion based on your answers on our Family Form and subsequent discussions/meetings with you.

Are you an INDIVIDUAL who is being forced to give up your dog and want to make sure he/she gets the best new home possible? Complete the Family Form so we'll know more about the dog's current living situation, and also complete the Shelter Form which will give us more details about the dog itself. Then we'll do our very best to find him/her that perfect new home.

Are you with an ANIMAL SHELTER or RESCUE having a problem placing a particular dog in their forever home? We'll help you find a new family for him/her based on your answers on our Shelter Form, an in-person evaluation of the dog, and subsequent discussions/meetings with you.

Are you a disabled vet in need of a great service dog and new faithful companion? Call us at 610-597-1324 or email us to discuss your situation and to learn more about you and the type of dog that will be best for you. We'll then contact local rescues and evaluate potential dogs to find your perfect new companion. We'll also ensure the dog is properly trained to help you with your particular needs.

*K9 Matchmaker is not a rescue nor do we have a rescue facility. We are a dog-to-family matching service; a service which we provide free of charge to individuals, rescues and shelters. Although our service is free, you may be responsible for any adoption fees charged by a shelter/rescue and/or transport charges incurred by K9 Matchmaker or a transport service.
Dogs Available for Adoption!

Rescues or individuals have asked for our help in finding forever homes for these dogs. For more information about a dog,
please email or call us at 610-597-1324. You can also begin the process by completing the Family Form.
Most local rescues have their available dogs listed with Petfinder, but the number of wonderful dogs available can be overwhleming. That's where we can help! Call or email us about the dog(s) you liked on Petfinder and we'll take it from there to make sure you choose the perfect dog for you!